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Our it-squad called "Poremchuk's Developers Team" and think of us as your one-stop-shop technology partner. We offer a full range of services, including: digital transformation consulting, UI/X design, software development, integration, support, maintenance and tech writing.

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Meet our team

We are remote-first team working together from Ukraine and Canada. That means a cost-effective approach with efficient communication as well as flexibility. Team is driving by Yevhen Poremchuk, 17-year experianced developer, change manager and cyber security expert. The creator of the "Nursing Method", a project management technique used in software development.


The Nursing Method

The Nursing Method is a project management approach that emphasizes close collaboration between the project team and the client. This approach involves regular check-ins, ongoing communication, and a strong focus on meeting the client's needs and expectations. It is named after Florence Nightingale, who is known for her work as a nurse and her contributions to the development of modern nursing practices.

Successful implementation requires not only a highly qualified team, but also team empathy based on clear and controlled processing at all project stages.
Yevhen Poremchuk

Head of the team

tachnology stack

Let’s diving into our tachnology stack:

We are not experts in all technologies. While we respect MS/Oracle/SAP products and C#, Swift, PHP, Rust, Java, etc., they are not our area of expertise. The good news — we can build anything you want using Python, JS, and Dart. We’ve re:thought digital and made it cheeper. How we did that? OpenSource! We use Slack for communication and Google Docs, Notion, GitHub for collaborative work.


  • Python
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Postgres
  • Elastic
  • Kubernetes


  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • VueJS
  • Electron
  • Ajax


  • Dart
  • Flutter
  • Redux
  • Flutterflow
  • Supabase
  • Firebase


What we did

We did so many projects since the beginning of our path. Here are some of the remarkable ones.

What we did based on Open Source:


our clients


Social responsibility

we believe in the power of business to make a positive impact on society. We are committed to social responsibility and strive to create a better world through our actions. We create and support 3 charity organisations:

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